Vacation from July 6 to July 31, 2022



From tomorrow evening, July 8 to August 1, Interboring employees will put their drilling and sawing installations aside for three weeks. The summer holidays are calling us to recharge our batteries after a busy first half of the year.

We don't know what the rest of the year will bring. There is a lot of uncertainty in the air. The conflict in Ukraine continues and keeps the world in a stranglehold: high energy prices give inflation an increasingly structural character. The resulting cost increases threaten to have negative consequences on the profitability of companies, on employment, etc.

The price elasticity of demand will determine whether a company can survive or not: after all, to what extent can cost increases in labor and material be passed on to the customer?

Every (P&L) manager will undoubtedly face sleepless nights.

Perhaps it is advisable to take some distance from the daily worries during the coming holiday weeks, and to survey from a helicopter what is likely to come at us in the coming months. Take the necessary time to reflect on how the organization can best position itself in the market in turbulent times. So it's time to (re)evaluate the strategy of the company.

But also make time for the family, relatives and friends, for nature, for more relaxation, ... Because before you know, we will be part of a relentless rat race in just a few weeks.

I wish all our customers, suppliers and relations a relaxing holiday.

Until August 1st.

Jos Spilstijns