Cutting metal

Doorzagen metalen buizen

Our concrete surgeons also process metal.

Although the name “concrete surgeon” initially suggests that the INTERBORING operators are only specialised in concrete, the reality is somewhat different.

Our INTERBORING surgeons have also mastered the drilling and sawing techniques required for processing metal. Whether the metal is steel, stainless steel, copper or an alloy, the INTERBORING surgeons operate on the “metal patient” after thorough preparation and with the same accuracy, precision and dedication.

Metalen buis bet kabelzaag doorzagen

A total approach, therefore, that pays maximum attention to safety while finding the best solution for the customer’s problem.

A few examples to illustrate this include: sawing metal barrels or pipes, sawing ships’ propellers, cyclotrons, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, solid metal blocks, etc.

All sawing work is of course exclusively done in situ at the clients site. The works will only be carried out after a thorough discussion and clear agreement about the plan of action, as well as transparent agreements about the measures required to ensure the safety of people and the environment.