Vinçotte has recently audited INTERBORING's safety management system and, after a favorable evaluation in accordance with the VCA:2017-Petro/6.0 standard, has awarded the corresponding VCA Petrochemical certificate.

INTERBORING, holder of a VCA* certificate for years, now acquires the VCA Petrochemistry certificate for all its activities, namely: drilling and sawing in reinforced concrete - selective demolition works - placing chemical anchors - sanding and polishing of floors, conducting concrete research and decommissioning and dismantling concrete and steel in nuclear sites.

“Safety and well-being in the workplace are extremely important in the day-to-day execution of our projects,” says Jos Spilstijns, CEO of INTERBORING (left on the foto).

“Our employees end up in the most diverse working conditions and the execution of our drilling and sawing work is regularly subject to great site stress. In the context of the last minute risk analysis (LMRA), the trained concrete and metal surgeons of INTERBORING only use one simple touchstone: if it is not safe to do so, the work will not be carried out” adds a proud ing. Bart Geerkens, internal prevention advisor (right on the photo).

“The VCA Petrochemical certificate is a new expression of the quality level that INTERBORING constantly strives for and achieves on site. Finally, it is a guarantee for the client that the rules, values ​​and norms regarding safety, health and environment are of ggreat importance at INTERBORING”, says CEO Jos Spilstijns.